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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I feel the need to have a day, a whole day to myself

to relax and lay in bed all day with books and movies

ah to wish....

Friday, July 15, 2011

Where have you been?

{I've been here, not on Blogger}

I haven't blogged in a very long time (wow-over a month) and it is somewhat because I have been very busy and mostly because summer is here (well today it doesnt really feel like it).

What I have been up to:

-going to the cottage

Absolutely love it there, ya the beach! You can see the ocean when you're sitting on the patio, the cottage itself has some charm and weird old figurines and pictures. I love the beach whether its sun-tanning, kayaking, walking the dog, swimming or now going on my sisters 'island' Yup an island, an inflatable one that seats 7 people, has 2 coolers, a platform to jump off. We were out on it all day the last Sunday and everyone of us got a buzz on.

Friends of mine, t. and r. came for a weekend at the cottage and we kayaked, swam, sun-tanned and read on the beach, ate, drank and caught up with each other about life. We set off fire-works, had bon-fires, someone got very burnt and I got a million bug bites (only me tho cuz they like me lucky)

-going to the racetrack to support my hubby in his hobby of being a member of his best friends pit crew and I do love watching the races and being there all day is better this year because of the baby!

-spending lots of time with our 'nephew' Brody who is now 2 months old and the most precious little baby ever! We are so in love with him. Just got our parcel we ordered for him which was Carhart onesies to match his uncle Richie! how cute!?

-I've been planning my besties baby shower and am sooo excited. I hope she will enjoy it! I packed everything last night - the decorations, table-ware, games, prizes, cakes and cupcakes, and othe misc. things needed and now today I will be picking up food which thankfully I am getting help from s. with the sandwiches and someones on the veggie tray.

We are going to PEI for this as well as....

-Carboard boat races. My fam has been diligently working on our cardboard boat and im pretty sure it will float but we are very hillbili-ish with it and spent WAY too much on duct tape but its all for fun right!

-Working, yes I have been working once I finally found a job for the summer and mine is awesome. Im a nanny to 2 little boys who are almost 3 and 5 years old. Its a great job, Monday to Friday 8 or 9 until 5ish. They are very well behaved with me and we have lots of fun, I have brought them to the zoo, Crystal Palace, splash park, other parks, Chapters and on the agenda for next week is strawberry picking and the beach!

What I have been thinking:

-that throwing a baby shower is a lot of work, I was more stressed out last night then I was before my own wedding! I think it has to do with having it in PEI and I dont want to leave anything home. I also spent double my budget on this party, ya double-thats crazy but I think my baby niece will be worth it when she comes which r. and I are very excited for :D

-You could swear we were parents but we aren't, we just happen to be driving around with 2 car seats in our truck and wet wipes on the dash, lol. We have little new born swaddler diapers and bigger sized diapers(for a 2 year old) in our bathroom cupboard and I have pull-ups, wipes and a soother in my purse. Not to mention the wal-mart and toys r us flyers are the only ones that have toys circled-we start thinking/shopping for Christmas early.

-we need to get our fiances in order because I DO want to have a baby in the next couple years and I really want a house first. We figure we will start trying April 2013 when we are in Cuba for my sisters' wedding...dont get the room next to us, haha. I have started our Cuba savings fund for April 2012 and a plan to pay off as much as our credit cards this summer as possible and then in the fall we will do a more concrete budget for house savings as well but I'm happy we have $3,000 for our future home! Hoping to buy our home Fall of 2012.

-I need some girl time! My sisters and I are always going to lunch and I have coffee dates and now play dates with b. and her kiddies but I want more girlie time so we are going to the spa for my mom's birthday so my sisters and I and mom will spend the day together getting pampered! I also figured that I need some quality girlie time with my bf so I devised a plan to go visit her and presented it to r. for approval....well I didn't realize it would be so easy. He said ya you should go visit, here and gave me his credi card and I booked my flight to Toronto! Spet. 29th woohoo and we are also going to a Scandanavian Spa with hot springs and I think I wanna go to the Toronto Zoo again, I went years ago and love animals!

I also need more time with v. and plan (although she doesn't know yet) to go over for 4-5 days when the baby comes to give her a hand and of course r. and I will be there when our niece comes. I anticipate a 3am phone call and a quick driving trip over the bridge.

-I have been thinking about regrets, well one in particurlar really but you can't dwell on what you didnt do but after a wonderful weekend at the cottage with friends I felt awful for not invited one of my sorority sisters to my wedding. Of course I couldn't invite them all and r. and I cut the list down by 40 people for our wedding. We didn't invite everyone we wanted to and I cut some people who I'm more friends with through other friends and dont really hang out or speak to them on an individual basis BUT the only person I wished was there that wasn't should have been, because anyone who reads your horoscope because she remembers when your birthday is and knows things about your husband REALLY cares and I feel horrible I didn't realize this before and although we may not hang out and talk just ourselves, she has always been around with other close friends and obviously has paid attention and cared enough. Whereas, some people who I am around a lot, came to the wedding dont even care as much as she does.