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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I was watching Sex and the City, which of course we all know is Fabulous and I was instantly sadened because most of my best friends and I are seperated by a bridge, a province or a highway with an hour and a half drive or further. Luckily, one of my best friends live here and a few close friends as well but watching all 4 of these ladies laughing and being there for one another left me longing for my best friends. I miss a phone call saying "I'll meet you at Tims for coffee" and "Come on down, I'm home" and when we used to have a drink on the patio, play cards, go for country drives or just sit and chat with one another. Now its' so infrequent because we are all busy with our own lives - careers and babies or live too far apart to simply hang out whenever. I'm happy to say however that I have booked a flight to Toronto to visit bestie k. and I am trying to plan a weekend to the island to visit v. and s. (who is not a girlfriend but might as well be) and I will get to Freddy soonish.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A + Fabulous Friday

On this FABULOUS Friday I have gotten my marks back from my last semester of my Education degree and I got all A's...I think that is pretty fabulous and that I am fabulous for working so hard to get these marks and succeed!
7 courses (1 with a lab) and all A's with a few A+'s
Plus it is Friday after-all and that means the weekend = sleeping in, Sunday brunch, having a drink, relaxing with r. , going to the dog park and having a bar-b-q with the family

Wishing everyone a great weekend

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It was amazing! Such a wonderful trip and it was great that all 8 (my parents, sisters and brother-in-laws, r. and i.) of us could go and have such a blast. We all got along great, had many many laughs and did so many things.

On my trip I:

  • had champagne at breakfast for the first time (it was before 8am)
  • swam in a gorgeous pool and went to (and stayed at) a swim up bar
  • sat under palm trees
  • saw excotic birds and lizards
  • picked a coconut from a palm tree and cracked it open (did not drink it)
  • rode a double decker bus
  • walked around Varadero (saw Cuban culture and how they live)
  • went to a great market
  • swam with Dolphins and got kisses from them!
  • swam in the warm Ocean
  • layed by the beach and had our drinks served to us
  • watch various different shows with dancers that wore costumes and headpieces, including a Magic show
  • went snokeling (twice)
  • saw free range chickens everywhere, camels, iguanas, Cuban beavers and HUGE hermit crabs and many homeless cats and dogs
  • drove a small speed boat after r. finally let me
  • went to a zoo where I held a baby alligator and turtles
  • got r. to buy a great Hawaiian shirt
  • eat bananas with sugar fried in alcohol
  • went on a Katamaran with only 21 people total (there is usually 60+)
  • layed on a mesh net over the open water as we sailed along the Ocean
  • spent an afternoon on a private sandy white beach
  • had a delicious steak dinner (Canadian beef) at a fancy restaurant
  • rented scotters and drove into town (Varadero)
  • eat some delicious and not so delicious food
  • discovered my drink of choice - Sex on the Beach

We have already started to plan our next trip (possibly to Jamaica) in 2 years

I would suggest that everyone travels somewhere and the more the better. It is such a great relaxation and time of discovery.

Friday, April 9, 2010

It's going to be a great day

I am very proud of myself!

Plus super excited.....I can taste Freedom

I have accaomplish so much in the last couple of days including:

  • running errands (to the bank, sending faxes & paying bills)

  • booking tickets to Toronto at a super great deal for r. and myself

  • completed and sent in applications for a real grown up job (only starting in Sept.)

  • was able to complete a major semester long project

I also completed and passed in the following

  • 2 presentations
  • a paper
  • an art project
  • science resource binder

Now I am working on my portfolio and a small paper and once that is complete.......Freedom :)

I am estactic that I am a few assignments and 1 day away from being finish all of my courses. I worked very hard and a lot of time and effort was put into this year to get my BEd degree finished. Now I get to be in the classroom doing my practicum!

It's going to be a great day

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Last night I was thrilled my the randomness of a couple of friends decided to take a drive, a 2 1/2 hour drive all the way here to my hometown. When I got the text message saying this I said first "random" and second "oh my gosh I get to see n. who is a not only a friend but a sorority sister too!

I hate living so far from all the people I love. I wish there was more time and money (poor student here) to make trips to visit more often. And the best types of trips are the random roadtrips that you decide to make on a whim, when you don't consider money or just go. I have done a few myself and its always fun and when rushing back home to get to work on time.

Roadtrips are great whether they are random or not and I would like to take more of them, one in particurlar in which we have no destination - just drive and see where we end up.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend

It's a lovely sunny day and a great way to start off the long weekend - no it did not start yesterday on Good Friday for me as it did many people because I had a group meeting. The meeting was actually pretty great because my group is pretty awesome, especially in comparison to some of the others.

Beginning this morning, I was thrilled to be able to actually wake up and enjoy breakfast instead of rushing off to classes or some other important thing to do at 8am.

Although, I am stuck inside for most of the day doing homework I am quickly getting things done so that I can bring my baby - Dakota, a part german sheppard part huskie dog to the dog park and because it is sooo nice out there will surely be lots of the crazy dog people out with their dogs.

I also plan to pick up some easter items like an egg decorating kit and doing that with my younger cousins.

Tomorrow will be fun because it is Easter and although there is no Bunny hiding eggs for you when your twenty-something, we have a huge easter egg hunt at my aunts where we will have a delicious meal and catch up with that side of the family. I'm excited to see the kids because their is one who is 2 1/2, a 1 year old and another one on its way. It's a good thing my cousins are having babies because my sisters and I sure aren't for awhile. I'm really just looking forward to sitting around chatting with family and watching the kids play - its these simple things that I enjoy the most.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Last night was super horrible. It seemed like everything in my life came crashing down and it came hard. I completely lost it and started bawling and basically ran away from my sisters' place.

The reasons for the crash (I think):

1. I'm almost done my second degree and there is a LOT of work to finish up.
2. Some people don't understand how much work I have to do and how hard I work - they think that adding things to do is no big deal because I only go to school.
3. I have no privacy with my fiance in my house.
4. We have a cranky 14-year old to take care of, but she's not all that bad.

Basically what I need to recover is:

- time, time to relax alone! It's hard to be alone in a house of 6 people.
- r. and a. should also get their own place - oh to be done school so we can
- understanding from others about how critical these last couple weeks are to complete everything for school