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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The week was a blur

It's been a week since my last post about lovely beautiful fall, which I have not been able to enjoy as I had hope when posting last week.
This week has gone by in a big blur, as I slept day by day.
I have been in a lot of severe pain and not feeling well so I was in a coma state, drugged up to ease the pain.
Thursday fell into Friday, when I woke up to my fiance making me soup and giving me powerade, then back to sleep until Saturday afternoon came around and I was not in any pain and feeling better, I even attending a charity event that night
but came home early to bed.
Sunday came and was a blur of the hospital visit, a doctor poking at me and drawing blood.
I came home and slept through the pain.
Monday I awake with the severe pain again and once again I took some drugs (perscribe) and went back into my coma state....
until Today!
Today, I feel brand-new, I feel much better and am glad that my body is now working with the perscription to get better and not against me and I'm not experiencing the pain.
So....I'm back to me!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Falling in Love with Fall

Happy Harvest time.
I love the fall season!
Autumn is so crisp, clean and beautiful.
Enjoy the 1st day of fall and all that is ahead.....

family dinners
cozy fireplaces

autumn sun


pumpkin pie

walks with the dog

warm knits


candy apples

lazy days knitting

apple cider

trips to the apple orchard

long drives on country roads

strolling through the park on crisp days

what will you be doing to enjoy this season?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear Journal

So r. and I took k. out for dinner the night before she headed back (which was last night) and we had a lovely meal and a great time. It was hilarious actually and here's why....

r. and I picked her up at her parents place and r. acted like he w
as taking her out
on a date! So he went up to the door when we arrived and even opened the car door for her.
{i don't get this service}
then at the restaurant us ladies went to the powder room and r. was at the bar waiting for our table, when we came out and went over k. says "do you come here often?", "thats a nice jacket showing off your muscles" - I almost died with laughter as they
played this sexy stranger game.
like I said dinner was great - good food, great convos and lots and lots of laughs.
when we dropped k. off, we hugged and said our solemn good byes and hugged again
and then as k. walked up her driveway she turned and said "I'm going to write all about my date in my journal"
Here is our texting conversation between k. and I after this when we were driving home:
Too Funny!
a. (me) - in journal "a handsome man came to the door to pick me up....
k. - he is such a gentle man, bringing his sister as a chaperone on our date.
{note: can'e believe I'm the "sister}
a. - I was a bit intimidated though because his sister is so pretty
k. - I managed to impress her I think. She's a little simple and sometimes says things in strange voices, but I think she likes me!"
r. and I were laughing so hard, I cried. Hilarious!

More Wedding Bliss

I was in everything wedding heaven Thursday when my MOH k. and I went out on the town. She arrived the night before from Toronto, where is now lives but comes home for visits and there are frequent l-o-n-g phone calls which make it bearable.
We have gone dress shopping for the 1st time last spring when she was home and since then she has sent countless e-mails with dress links for me, ideas on decor and suggestions/thoughts.
k. has been incredible helpful and the plan for Thursday to to tear up the town on a wedding mission....which we did.
We met shortly after 9am and grab our coffess to go. Went to check out Micheals craft store and pick up some great flowers that were 50% off all their stem flowers. Next we headed to a rentals store and check things out, then went a nice drive to find a wedding boutique {little did we know that it wasn't even open yet, just setting up and it was not where we drove all the h**l out there} that was a fail but we check out a decorations place.
Then headed to a fab lunch and then to the dress shop - probrably my fav thing!
*Note: don't eat too much before trying dresses on*
I tried on only 1 dress at this place and was in AWE.....
I felt fabulous and beautiful and like a bride
(not like I was trying on a wedding gown but a bride)
k. took wayy too many pictures(since you're not suppose to)
and the dress number is recorded and in my mind all the time.
I didn't purchase it though because I don't wanna rule out other places I havent gone yet and I still have to go dress shopping with my mom.
For here, we headed over to a stationery store but did not find it (see a trend). It had recently moved so we were not sure. we didn't find the shop but we stumbled upon a new house with a sign reading "OPEN, come in" and so we did and then a guy showed up and we ended up looking at 3 more houses! Ha - we went hosue hunting as well, how would have thought!?!
Later on, we went to another bridal boutique to try on dresses. This is where one of my bridesmaid and her daugther, my flower girl and my mom met us.
My flower girl was so excited and tried on several dresses and oh and ah-ed at us when we came out. Both of my lovely ladies tried on styles that were gorgeous!
I tried on some gowns but none came close to the other one.
It was a great day and its not hard planning a wedding, its fun and just a lot to do.
Next on the list:
- find that stationery shop
- look at some bakery around town

{inspiration for my cake}

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wedding Bliss

I am in complete wedding planning bliss
from the decor, dress, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, invites and more.
It's overhelmingly splendid!
My MOH arrives from Toronto tomorrow and we have a full day of planning and running around to get done, complete with dress fittings.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Values

While flicking through channel after channel, I couldn't help to think about the shows that are on for kids growing up these days and compare them to the shows I grew up on (when I was allowed to watch tv).
Not that I am that old but I remember watching quality shows with good strong family values
such as these...
ah the Prince

probrably my fav was Home Improvement
my dad was just like Tim the tool man taylor with all the accidents too

classic Crosby - learnt so much from them

I tried to watch this last night when my 15 year old cousin insisted that we watch Jersey Shore..Oh how the world has changed

I want to get the box seasons of some of these shows, if not all because I want my kids to grow up watching shows with good family values as I did.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I had finally found a fab blog layout and then something to do with size I believe with Photobucket meant that I lost the layout I had from Leelou Blogs , which is fabulous and I suggest you all check her out. Anyway it forced me to go searching at Leelou and I found this great Harvest layout which I adore. I figured that I might as well change my layouts seasonally - I change my house around for the seasons and I love love love autumn season.
Autumn brings with it....
- changing leaves
- raking and then having the kids (yours not mine cuz I dont have any yet) jump in them
- my familys' annual pumpkin craving contest
- apple cider
- brisk winds
- long walks
- perserve making
- fresh vegetables
- trips to the apple orchard
- costumes & Halloween parties
- donations to local food banks and charities
- Thanksgiving dinner and many other big dinners
with pies
I love falling in love with fall
every year.
me at the apple orchard last autumn

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not Back to School but Back to Reality

1st off I have been very busy unpacking and settling back into home after being away for the 2 months of summer, so I am just now catching up with reading blogs and posting myself.

I spent the past weekend in Fredericton - AMAZING! It was the first weekend back for all the UNB and STU students so the town was packed with people and parties. I went to visit my sorority sisters and go to the Pro-stock race. I had drinks and laughs and good times with my sisters and some new friends, but I was left with a weird feeling of sadness.

I feel like this is what I should be doing:

I have been going back to school for years and years. 1 year of private kindergarten, 12 years of the public school system with years of changing and growing hell, then 6 years of University with a BA and BEd under my belt and now I'm suppose to be done ?

It's weird but I have this sense of sadness, like I should be getting my books ready, rushing to Staples to buy EVERYTHING (I love stationery stuff) and getting excited about new classes

but instead this is what I'm doing:

well not exactly this but I am unemployed and waiting to attend an orientation that the District here requires all new supply teachers to attend before supplying, so waiting on that and then FINALLY I will be back in the classroom but in front!
I can't wait to teach!!!
So at least I have many 1st days back to school to look forward to in the future