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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How I have changed...

Since changes are coming in other areas, I decided to look back to 1 year ago from right now and where I was, and then look at where I am today. I took this from the fabulous v. over at The Best Days of Your Life and adapted it to see where I was 1 year ago.

1 year ago - 2010:

I was Ashley C.

My age 25

I lived with my fiance, renting my grandfathers house

Some of my obsessions were wedding planning for the day off, wedding parties etc. Christmas decorating and online shopping for gifts

I really enjoyed just moving out of my parents, watching the kids and dog across the street play in the snow, skate on the hockey rink

I was watching Man vs. Food (my fiances idea), Cake Boss, Greys'

What made me happiest was being engaged to a wonderful man, wedding planning and details, crafty wedding things

I really hated living too far out of town where my friends were, having to keep the house spotless because it was for sale and not mine.

My excitement was the Wedding!

Today 2011:

I am Ashley P.

My age is almost 26 and a half (eek!)

I live with my husband in our own condo apartment

Some of my obsessions are my babies! well not mine but my friends babies, Brody and Chloe and my friend B.s 3 kids and S. little girl and another on the way. Babies and kids everywhere and my hubby and I are auntie and uncle to all of them!

I really enjoy shopping for kids, my French class (even when it doesnt seem like it), going to Chapters and getting a latte at Starbucks, making our house a home, receiving and looking at pics of ma babies.

I'm currently watching Gossip Girl, Greys, Desperate Housewife, The Vampire Diaries, Dawson's Creek(when I'm making supper).

What would make me happiest is getting a long term supply contract, supply teaching more, and being financial secure.

I really hate that my best friends live away and I dont see them as much as I wish, the current situations for teachers in NB.

My current excitement is Christmas parties every weekend until Christmas day! K. and her bf coming home in less than 2 weeks

By the time I do this again in 4 months I hope someone reminds me to do this haha! to be a fitter, healthier me, start painting or scrapbooking more.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Changes ahead

This morning, I went to watch my sister and friend run in the Miss Movember run here in our home town. I was at the finish line waiting for them to finish and felt a pinch of regret and sadness. I was suppose to run in another 5km but my doctor advise me not to because of the pressure on my knees and that I should lose 30lbs and then can consider running.

I have problem with my knees and it sucks and i twisted my ankle last month and the again this month I sprained my ankle and broke a bone in my foot, so I am having more problems.

My goal is to run both races next fall and maybe one sooner. I have started with a dietician and personal trainer to lose weight and change my life.

Changes are ahead and for the better. I am commited to be a healthier, more active person for myself and my future.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


While watching Extreme Couponing on TLC, I was wondering how many people coupon.
It seems to be easier in the US than in Canada because we don't receive many coupons in the paper/flyers, but lots of people still use coupons.
Do you use coupons?
I do! I have really just started using coupons and I think its great if you can save money but i could never see myself spending the hours upon hours couponing as they do on Extreme Couponing or the amount of stock they have. When something is on sale or I have coupons and we use that product alot then I may get a few but never 20 at a time. I sometimes wonder about the expiry dates and whether people on the show check for that.

I use coupons because its not much work on my part. I have noticed that coupons are not available or perhaps just not common for healthier foods. The most common coupons I receive or use are for cleaning, health and beauty products. For food items, it is usually things like granola bars, puddings, crackers, cereals.
I'll continue to use coupons but will not start obsessing or devoted hours on end to it.

Friday, November 4, 2011


NO! Its a simple 2 letter word but I often find myself thinking no but saying yes. Its like NO doesnt exist in my vocabulary and others take advantage of this.
There is a lot going on lately and I seem very busy. I have also been a bit cranky. I feel like I need a break, a break for myself. I'm always being asked to do stuff and for a favor that its like I am always doing everything for everyone else, whats left for me? So I have changed my attitude because I don't have to be in this position where theres little to nothing left for me, no time or energy to do soemthing. I have the control and I can say NO! Which I will be doing more often and not to be mean or self-ish but I think its become necessary. So those of you who are used to me being a push-over, expect to hear no. For some people, it will mean that they need to step up. I have heard family members say "oh go ask ash, she'll do it". Everyone assumes that I will. Most of the time I still probrably will but when I want to I will be saying NO!