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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

dreaming..... lately I have been dreaming.......

ah day dreaming and having sweet dreams

about everything I want in life.

Why can't I just appreciate what I have right now?

Here are the things I'm dreaming about. I will do a post about why I want each of these things and how I am constantly dreaming of each one of them.

{dreaming of my very own classroom}

{oh no, yup I'm there - dreaming of our future baby(ies)}

{dreaming of our home, which seems so much further away....NEED to save $ - LOTS!}

{dreaming of Cuba - oh how I miss your hot sun, warm breezes, white sand and turquoise water, is it April 2012 yet?}

{dreaming of being at the beach/cottage reading a book, relaxing on the proch,

sun-tanning, kayaking. I will see you this weekend!}

Friday, May 27, 2011

how do you handle this?

There's someone in my friends life, who I really don't care for. How do you handle this?

He is a nice enough guy and can be really funny when he isn't being rude and anti-social, but he is not good enough for my friend. Ever feel this way? It's natural because your best friend is special to you and important and you know how great she is but he doesn't so that makes you worry. Worry...oh yes it does and I don't think he is good enough because he doesn't treat her well enough, not how she deserves to be treated. He's one of those kinda nice guys who are selfish and the person there with always gets left out because he is too worried about what he wants to be bothered to do nice things, support and contribute to the relationship.

It ends up being all one-sided, where she is always giving and doing and he just takes.

When I 1st was weary of him, wasn't because he was a new guy and we didn't know his story (still don't and this doesn't help, cuz you need to get to know someone to like them)

but it was when he lied to me! Hello, don't lie to the best friend and then get caught at that.

He said "I bought her a new iPod for her birthday and its in my desk at work, do you think its a good gift, will she like it?"

I knew she would love it and told him job good and I was actually really impressed......until her birthday came around and she got a different gift, one that was more for him than her. So I was like uh what about the iPod. He told me "We were in the store and I pointed it out and she said she prefers her old one better, so I didn't buy it and went with this instead".

Say WHAT?! he lied to me saying he already bought it but his story changed to I didn't bother buying it and bought this instead.

Yup, caught ya! right in a lie.

Well this wasn't the 1st time and probrably won't be the last time, he lies and his stories change.

It's so hard for me to respect him because of this and I honestly think he needs to step up and be a decent man because right now he's not good enough for her.

But what can you do? Except linger by and be there for your friend when she needs you and continue to support her whether its with him or not.

Of course, I will be nice to him and make him feel welcomed in the conversation etc. but I can't and don't respect him, not until he treats her well and her friends.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We're MARRIED!!!!

May 7th 2011 was the BEST day of my life!

I married my Best Friend, my soul mate.

The one who I have loved from the beginning.

Who I gaze into his eyes and see my soul, feel his touch when he has gone,

hear his voice lingering in my ears.

The one who is on my mind and in my heart each moment of the day.

{reciting our vows to each other}

{my wonderful Bridal party}

These girls helped me through EVERYTHING!
Planning and wedding preparations, attending all the wedding parties.
Each one of these girls made my wedding day even better by just being there.
Standing beside me to show their love and support.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful and so meaningful.

We choose our own readings, wording and music and it made it all the more special.

LOVED "Bless the Broken Road" on piano as the wedding party walked in and then changed to "Canon in D" for me as I enter. We had a wonderful friend e. play a piece on the piano and we were bagpiped out of the church - AMAZING!

We commemorated our union together with the sand ceremony, which both our parents took part in.

It rained, so what!?! we got our pictures done anyway, just happened to be inside is all.

The Limo was awesome, really gave a special touch to the celebration with beer and champagne, plus our driver had umbrellas!

When we enetered the Reception hall, I was giddy with excitement and nervousness, thinking wasn't the hard part done and now its time to party. The decorations were beautiful, my favourite being the white lanterns and green tissue paper pom-poms. Although, the decor wasn't exactly what I had wanted and paid for (make sure you get what you are told when going with a decoration company) it was lovely and really didn't matter at this point

because we ARE MARRIED!!!

The evening was PERFECT! The meal was good, drinks were better and the speeches...oh the speeches were emotional, sentimental words that made perfect sense and had everyone in tears. Part of my sisters' speech welcoming r. into the family was particularly emotional and sincerely true. My mother's speech made everyone feel emtional and see the GOOD man Richard really is (if they didn't already know). The Best Man's speech, ok let's not even go there. for a bear of a man he was pulling on my heart strings and his own. My MOH had me remembering fond memories and reflecting on our wonderful friendship for the past dozen plus years and r.'s father said some things that meant a lot to both of us.

After the emotional roller coaster of speeches, we had the 1st dance. People told me they were crying or saw others who were but we didn't notice as we gazed into each others eyes and sang every word to one another.

*My Best Friend by Tim McGraw*

When I danced with my father, he only wanted to talk about the weather which he did ALL day so he wouldn't cry. He cried all day anyway.

We continued dancing, cut the cake and served it, tossed the bouquet and gather, said thank you for coming and gave hugs, took pictures with family and friends and caught up with people who live far away. We danced even more, drank, laughed, smiled, loved and enjoyed.

My husband kept looking at his hand and saying "I have a ring on my finger, I'm married!" - this was after several drinks and doing a shot with my mother (my mother doesn't do shots)

We danced into the wee hours and talked with friends even after the hall closed and then went to our hotel

as husband and wife.

In your eyes, I see my soul mate.

In your arms, I am home.

In our world, we found a love to last forever.

Monday, May 2, 2011


The Royal Wedding

Kate looked beautiful and it was lovely,

now mover over......

We have been joking that the REAL Royal wedding is happening this weekend,

talking about our wedding.

We are both thrilled that the day is finally here.

We have last minute preparations to do and then the wedding fun begins on Thursday

when we go to my sisters' hottub for a pampering girls night,

followed by Friday which is filled with appointments and our Rehearsal.

And then the big day!

Saturday May 7th, in just 4 days

I will be marrying my best friend, the man of my dreams,

my true love and I could not be happier.

We are perfectly meant for one another and it is a joy to spend it with everyone we love.