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Friday, May 28, 2010

Fabulous Friday

I am Fabulous today because of the discussion other teachers were having about me being capable to have my own classroom tomorrow and how much the kids listen and learn from me. Overall, this means I'm doing a fabulous job in my internship :)
I love this video which is so true about my best friends! And I hope that when we retire in our old age that we still have this type of bond. This is a precious and fabulous story!
Some of my FABULOUS girlfriends:
  • Venassa for being such a kindered spirit, who is kind and caring, funny and who I need in my life.
  • Nicole who is one of my amazing sisters and would do anything fo you.
  • Tyler for knowing and being who she is and being in a male dominanted field and kicking ass at it.
  • Tasha for being a strong independent women who has followed her dreams and her heart.
  • Emily for being dedicated and the kindess person, who will always lend an ear.
  • Michelle If you met her, you would understand her fabulousness
  • Becky because she is a self-less person and the best mother to her adorable three children.
  • Kate who has been a fabulous friend for the past 12 + years, who will always chat with me for what seems like a 2 hour mininum.

To All my fabulous girlfriends who have inspire me in one way or another and all the wonderful memories we have shared!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

4 things

I'm doing a 4 things list taken from this awesome blog written by a my fabulous bf. with some changes

4 Movies I can not wait to see:

1. Sex and the City 2 (soon, oh soon - waiting for about a week so its not as busy)
2. The Last Song (did not get to the theatre for it)
3. Grown Ups
4. Eclipse (ah! excited, wanna see it when I'm in Toronto with k.)

4 Things I'm looking forward to:

1. My wedding May 7th 2011 and all the things associated with it - Bachelorette, dress shopping etc.
2. Spending a week in Toronto with my love r. visiting wonderful friends (end of June)
3. The 2 months I will be teaching in Australia (this summer!)
4. Graduating with my Bachelor of Education (in the fall)

4 Things I would love to be snacking on:

1. Oreo ice cream sandwich
2. Crunchie chocolate bar
3. Cheesies
4. Coffee lovers ice cream with caramel sauce

4 Things I would buy today, if I had the money:

1. a gold chain to replace the one I broke to put my teardrop diamond pendant on it
2. a new dress for our Sex and the City night!
3. book and pay for (so buy) our Honeymoon package to..... (Jamaica or just somewhere local, depending on the money I could have)
4. A new book and a caramel soy latte from Starbucks

4 Things that I want to do this weekend:

1. have a drink on the patio
2. go on a pinic with r. and possibly hiking
3. visit my cousins new baby girl (5 days old today)
4. get my haircut

4 Things I love about my family and friends:

1. their support
2. their kindness
3. their humour
4. their generosity
and there is so much more!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Some things have happened
in the past couple days that are out of the ordinary
  • I found $8 in my wallet (I thought I only had $2)
  • I had a great cup of coffee with a complete stranger and great conversation
  • I just booked the limo for our wedding (without checking with r. first, shhh)

The best of all...

  • I got hit on by a High School kid working at the Tim Hortons drive thru - 1. I'm not interested in your croch rocket that you got this year when you got your license 2. you JUST got your license and are like sixteen 3. I will be mortified if I am teaching high school next year and he is one of my students! 4. GIVE ME MY COFFEE!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Away

Our Weekend away was unexpected and great! We had planned to go away next weekend but our friends in PEI were working all next weekend so late Thursday night I said to myself "let's just go this weekend" so we did!
It was sooo great to see v. and s. and spend time with them - it had been far too long. Sadly it will be even longer because I will not get back over to visit before I go away and then I'm gone for 2 months. I still have my fingers crossed that they will come to my 80's birthday party/going away party!
Friday night we arrived late, had some drinks and went out. The DJ played less than fabulous music so it was not great but still fun to hang out!
Saturday it seems like we went all over the place! We went out for lunch and then walked around town, taking pictures, going to shops (including Paderno, my fav) and browsing around. Saturday night was unexciting because v. had to work but we visited her and went for a drink at a pub - outisde on the patio and it was gourgeous!
Sunday we headed to the beach and went to the most AMAZING store - they had everything and wanted a fortune for it all but it was super nice and fun to look around and they had so many neat things! After we said our good-byes and headed for home but on the way to the bridge we decided to take another visit s. at his place before heading back. It was a great idea and we still had lots of time to get back and who knows when I would get to see his place because I am leaving from Australia in a little over a month and we will be going to the Phillipinnes in August, so went over and stayed for supper - it was nice.

I feel like this weekend was so random but so nice and fun and maybe because we didn't make any plans and it just worked out to be a great weekend away with great friends it was so fabulous. I loved it! And I'll be longing to go back until I get there in the fall.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm sad....I miss v.
she's a wonderful, caring and loving person
she's everything you would look for in a friend
she can be hilarious and serious when you need her to be
she would do anything for me and r. and that means the world to us
she is truly special and deserves the BEST and nothing less
she's a little quiet but
even when we aren't talking and are in the same room
it's nice, nothing has to be said
I miss the nice days we used to sit on the patio
I miss the morning I was made fun of for wearing sunglasses
I miss the nights having drinks and going out or staying in
I miss the trips to the market, Dairy Queen....anywhere
I miss the random movie and dinner dates
I miss laughing together and occasional tears
I miss seeing her almost daily
I miss sharing a room and even sleeping on the floor
I miss reading before bed together
and sharing books with each other
I miss starbucks and browsing books at Chapters and second hand stores
I miss watching movies together and episodes of Friends and Sex in the City
I miss the weekend we had GRL911, rented a cottage and rode a golf cart
I miss small road trips and making music CD's especially for them
I miss going to the beach together
I miss our bitching fests
I miss everything about her....everything about us
and I hate that a $40 bridge and a 2 hour drive seperates us

Monday, May 17, 2010


I was asked to do a blog about shoes, 1st time I have been asked to post about something specific so I thought it would be great to talk about my wedding shoes! Here is a pic (above) of gorgeous cream coloured point toe shoes with an embelishment to the side. I really like the idea of white but these (below) which I found on this blog are fabulously purple!
Then we have them in black also (pic below) which are very classy and elegant.

These are lovely as well and the white is nice, chic and traditionally elegant.

And ta-da "the" blue Manolos which would be fabulous for my something blue and not a bad price second hand - $185 which of course I could not afford Manolos at regurlar price. But I am in love and hope to find a steal on Manolos for my wedding!

Dear Shoe God,
Please send me a pair of these fabulous Manolos.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabulous Sex and the City

Extremely excited for this FABULOUS movie to come out. Fabulous shoes, fashion, men, drinks and most importantly fabulous friends!

To all my fabulous friends:

"Even though we are all finding our own place in the world, I know that when the tears fall or a smile spreads across our faces, we'll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us, we will forever be friends."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Living Without.....

When asked this question on this blog I recalled a lot of things and really reflected on my current relationship to my fiance r. this is what I came up with:

1.Have you ever felt 'can't-live-without-you-never-want-to-try' in love, and what happened. Did someone end up heartbroken, or are you still living happily ever after?

The whole "can't live without someone" is very unhealthy, not that I would ever want to live without my fiance either but I think if I ever felt that "I can't live without someone" (like Bella and Edward - yes a Twilight reference) than I would be lost. If I had to live without r. than sadly I would and it would be incredibly painful but I would and more important I could do it. If you are so involved in that other person and you "can't imagine life without them, can't live without" than I honestly believe that you have nothing of yourself - you're lost. You are nothing without them because you lost yourself while you were trying to keep that other person happy and make everything about them so of course you wouldn't be able to live without them because you put yourself in that position where they define who you are and you are lost without that definition...instead of writing your own definition of yourself and having that other person compliment you.

I was lost once in a can't live without you relationship and really he needed me because I did EVERYTHING for him so of course he didn't know how to live without me and how could I ever leave him, we were supposed to be together and get married etc etc. I should mention I was in high school - grade 10 thinking that I found the love of my life and he defined me blah blah. Ya he defined me as his bank, his housekeeper, his mother and thats what I became. Luckily I was able to find myself again and leave him. He ended up heartbroken and said he couldn't live without me because he didn't know how to take responsibility for himself.

Then I found the love of my life r. and he's an incredible man who I can not wait to marry but we have tried (long ago) to live without one another and of course it was possible but we didn't ever want to live without being in each others lives. We don't define each other, we compliment one another and our lives are inter-related in all aspects but we don't spend every minute together...we go away with each other and without. We support each other in everyway, whether its my schooling or his late nights working on the race-car. We would never take these things that make us happy away from each other and the things that makes us who we are as individual people only add to our relationship. Sometimes I spend too much time doing lessons and soemtimes he is way too late working at the garage but we have never held each other back but sometimes we struggle to balance.

We are living our happily ever after and it's amazing, even when it's not so amazing it's still amazing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today started off great. I had the most wonderful cup of coffee, seems small but is amazing when you have 5 minutes to enjoy great coffee before 25 kids come into the classroom. This morning when I just arrived at school, where I'm a student-teacher doing my internship, I went into the office and it was the nicest thing to see --- a guy I went to high school was in for the vice-principal, another girl I know from the education program this year came in and a supply who finished her ed degree last year was there. It was just a warm nice feeling I got from seeing all of us young people in there starting our careers and some taking off. It was re-assuring a well because of course I am worried about getting a job when I'm finished.

Today I also had my 1st formal teaching evaluation done by my professor and I was so nervous that I could feel myself overheating, but it went GREAT! The Math lesson I taught was done well, the students understood and behaved well and I was told how much he enjoyed watching me teach AND that he thinks that I was under the radar during this last school year (which is prob true, I did well but not exceptionally well and I didn't stand out for any reason) and that he was impressed!!! YAY for me!

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative impression and knowledge"
Albert Einstein

Friday, May 7, 2010


I am feeling especially Fabulous on this particular Friday because of the date - May 7th! I will be getting married to the man of my dreams 1 year from TODAY! I am feeling wonderfully fabulous, overwhelmed with joy and lucky to have found such a wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have a job, Thank you very much.
It may be an unpaid internship
But it is still a JOB nonetheless
It is part of my program and I need to successfully complete this
15 week internship to get my Bachelor of Education degree
One that requires 38-40 hours of work at school
dealing with bullies, students needs and wants, problems and issues
being a doctor, counsellor, parent, friend and role model
then extra hours lesson planning, grading and tracking at home
in the evenings and on the weekend.
Not to mention the time I have to spend doing assignments
for University, including a reflective journal and self-assessment as part of this.
So I may not get paid right now but I am most certainly

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Fever - Weekend recap

It is gorgeous outside - sun shinning, the pets lying in the grass, sunglasses are a requirement, ice caps, bar-b-q lit and sitting on the patio all weekend. After a very relaxing Friday night and a nice quick supper, Saturday morning was delightful:
Woke up early and headed to town with mom and my cousin m. to go to the market after a quick stop at Tims for our coffees. The market was bustling with lots of people and the smell of fresh bread was all around so we grabbed some croissants, browsed around and got our weekly fruits and veggies, along with some honey, hummus and almonds....such a great deal! It's cheaper and usually fresher than the grocery store so its ideal to pick as many items up as you can at the market plus it helps the local economy. The rest of the day was spent enjoying the outdoors. I met up with my sisters and we all brought the dogs to the park. My baby Dakota is part Sheppard, part Huskie and my sister m.'s are Hank who is a boxer mix and Jackson who is a Rottie. All 3 of them had so much fun and loved seeing each other. Saturday afternoon/evening was fantastic as we enjoyed a nice bar-b-q and some wine, jokes, stories and laughs. Us girls continued the fun at E.'s with some more wine.
Today, Sunday r. and i woke up and he made a great breakfast. Then we went into town and bought a bunch of new stuff for our baby Dakota. She got some treats, a new water dispenser and a new backseat mat for the car. I chatted on the phone with k. who lives in Toronto (2 more months till we visit!) and am now getting ready for some beer can chicken on the bar-b-q. Everyone should try it - yummy!
Now like the good teacher I want to be, I have marking to do :)