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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My heart is melting...

Check out this little cutie

{hubby's little cousin m.}

We went to a family wedding in NS for the MacDonalds on r.'s mom's side of the family and hubby's aunt and uncle and their precious little girl were down from Ottawa. We don't get to see them that often but it is always so much fun when we do and we make lots of time for them when they are home. His aunt and uncle are 2 of the nicest, friendliest and fun people you would ever met and their daughter is adorably sweet.

She asked hubby to dance at the reception and no one could do the booty shake better than her. It melts my heart how adorable r. is with kids and even more so than before. He chased her around, pretended to fall over when she splashed him in the hotel pool, danced like a handsome fool.

{with our 'nephew', r.s best friend/brother type's son}

With our 'nephew' hubby is absolutely adoringly caring and its breath-taking to see the future father of my children be so sweet and wonderful with children (melthing here). Its definitely soemthing to look forward too and causes some baby fever. My husband looks too good holding a baby people! I can't get the image of r. holding baby b. in his arms and gently touching his hand against babys' cheek, aww!

Random pics of what I have been up to:

at the beach/cottage with t. and ro-ro. who came to visit, it was awesome

we are loving the sun

the S.S Rubber Boot - our cardboard boat for the boat races
my dad and husband ready to set sail
it was a lot of fun and we are planning to do it again next year

v. at her baby shower which was a success - I didn't forget anything and it was all set for when people arrived and i think she enjoyed it
read about it here

What i'll be up to:

-going to Magic Mountain and the kite festival this week with the kids I watch (wow my job is tough eh)

-dress shopping for ideas and choices for my bridesmaids dress for Magen's wedding! my sisters, my mom and I will be going out Saturday then going for lunch. This is the 1st time I am a bridesmaid, except for when I was 12 in my aunts.

-Sunday the plan is either going to the cottage or friends may be visiting to go to Magic Mountain so I would go again - the waterpark twice in 1 week, woohoo

-Nest week, I hope its nice to go to the beach with the kids, swimming and the splash park

-looking forward to the weekend of the 20th because my family is all going camping/staying at the cottage for the weekend