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Friday, June 3, 2011

dreaming......of our future baby(ies)

I have had friends who have had children for a while but that number is multiplying and fast!

a best friend of mine has 3 beautiful children, whom I am very close with and love

another friend has an adorable 1 year old

another a new born baby - not even a month old (so sweet and cute)

and another friend who is gorgeously pregnant

and others who are trying to get pregnant (maybe even as I write this ;)

not to mention the young kids in my family and my sister trying to get pregnant as well

It surrounds us and I love children!

I can't wait to have my own and have been dreaming of when we have our own children.

BUT, we aren't ready yet, both r. and I know this.

We aren't ready to have our sleep disturb at all hours, lose the freedom to come and go as we please, to be responsible for more than ourselves and each other, to critically think about the smallest decisions (breast feed vs. bottle, organic fruits and vegs or not, making homemade baby food, cloth diapers vs. disposible, etc.)

We will be ready in the somewhat near future but in the meantime we enjoy thinking about our future little family and being the best Uncle 'itchies and Auntie Ash EVER!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

dreamin.....of my very own classroom

I am dreaming of my very own classroom because I enjoyed my internship so much. Yes I was in someone else's classroom but I got to do lesson plans and programming and establish procedures. I loved it!

I enjoy supply teacher because of the various classrooms and grades I teach but there is something about the comfort of a familiar school, which is why I am thankful that I have 2 regurlar schools where I teach frequently.

But supply teaching is inconsistent and can make it frustrating to plan and save $

I can't wait for the day I have my own classroom.

I would take a long term supply position for now though,

beats going from day to day.