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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tis the Season!

Santa came early this year....
Merry Christmas to us!

We got a new to us 2005 Ford F-150 Super Crew Cab Lariat
and boy do we ever love it!
But I am also looking forward to all things Christmas
and enjoying everything Christmas

new Christmas pj`s

cinnamon scents and apple cider

Egg nog (of course)

lovely centerpieces

presents :)

Christmas music (which I have been listening to for a month now)

Christmas alcoholic drinks

Cookies and baked goods

The Christmas tree with the stockings hung by the fireplace
family and friends gathered round.
Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 13, 2010

a best friend is everything

Do you know how much you mean to someone?
We don't always realize just how much we mean to others and we don't always let other people know how important they are to us, how vital they are just being present in our lives.
Well with this post it began clear just how much I mean to Ness, one of my very best friends.
I know I'm important to her as she is to me and even though its not always expressed or said, we just know...thats just how we are.
Through the years of our friendship, we have grown closer and closer and even though we live a bridge and a couple hours apart we are just as close.
V. as I have referred to her before, or Ness which is what I commonly call her is a best friend that knows me, truly knows me and we know each other well enough that sometimes nothing as to be said. We just know it will be a green shirt black pant type of day or know that we both just wanna sit on the couch and watch movies.
We give each other advice, we listen to one another. We are in sync with one another.
She knows how I feel and feels for me. I know she wont judge me or think I'm over-reacting, she will just let me feel how I feel and support me and be there to listen as I ramble on and on.
Ness doesn't realize just how special she is and I know someday she will truly realize her potential, she can do anything in the world and I will be there for her, as she would be for me. She is so talented in so many ways...creative and thoughtful.
She hasn't always had the smoothess times but when things get rough, she remains strong.
She is one of the stronger people I know and one of the most giving and caring. Her friends are so important to her and she is the best aunt. She always gives back and I feel so lucky to have her in my life {and I know she feels the same :) }

We've had many adventures together

fun times and some of the best days of our lives

and many celebrations.

Through thick and thin, we will remain best friends.
We will always share laughs, tears, stories, dreams, experiences, adventures, celebrations, the good and the bad.
We will always share our lives with one another because they are intertwine.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby Fever

I have a severe case of baby fever......
{i can't wait till this is me}

I have always loved children and babies and youth, all kids of all ages
(hey thats why I am a teacher)
and I have always known that we would have kids and am excited for that day when we start a family but lately this urge has been so strong.
For weeks I have felt this way.
Many of my friends have children and there are new born babies in my family as well.
Some of my friends are pregnant right now and I find myself longing for the same,
I want the same experience.

I know now is not the time but I am excited for when it is...
I'm excited to be pregnant,
to have a baby
someone we will love more than anything
an addition to our family.

Until that day......I will be babysitting more and
spending time with all the wonderful little ones in my life right now.