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Thursday, March 24, 2011

8 Wonderful Years later

This past Monday, March 21st my fiance and I celebrated!
We celebrated our 8 year anniversary.
Sure there were bumps in the road, living in different cities from one another
and challenges along the way but we have made it
through 8 wonderful years.
We are were we are today...getting married in 6 weeks
because of our relationship with one another, because of the bond we share
and the eternal love we have for one another.
For our anniversary this year, as our last dating anniversary,
I got fancied up, and planned and cooked a romantic dinner
complete with wine glasses for water, candle-light and soft music or songs that all mean something to us.
He walked in the door from work and was surprised, especially to see me all dolled up just to stay home. I told him to go have a shower and supper would be ready in 30 mins.
I was just finishing things up, when he came out to the kitchen dressed in a black button up shirt and dress pants, freshly shaved and smelling heavenly.
*It means a lot to me that he played along and got dressed up to.
We sat down to dinner and chatted and whispered I love yous'
r. got up from the table and came over to me and took my hand and we danced....
just right there next to the dinner table.
It was very sweet.
Everday we become a day closer to being husband and wife.
and even more in love.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Epic Bachelorette Weekend!!!

I had the most AMAZING Bachelorette!
It was one of the best nights/weekends of my life.
Right up there with when I snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
and the night my love proposed.
It was so much fun and I felt over-joyed the entire time.
when I walked into my house and was greeted by my fabulous sorority ladies,
already into the wine.
We went for supper, hung out, chatted, did mud masks and some nails.
Saturday morning my mom, sisters and Maid of Honour hosted a bridal brunch.
It was very nice to have my aunts, cousins and friends there.
We played games, had mimosas, shared some laughs and eat some yummy snacks.
Then it was time to hit the road for the real party-ing to begin.

We arrived in Halifax at our hotel (actually we went to the wrong hotel 1st)
then found ours and set up the drink stations and filled the tub with booze and ice.

After getting ready, a lot of wine and shots, a couple small games, dressing me up with a sash, feather bowa, tattoo, tiara and Waldo.

Our ride arrived...

A fab limo with our driver Drew, who popped the Champagne and we were on our way.
We drove all around town and stop for some great photo ops.
we even made our way back to the hotel to run to our rooms and get more wine.
Then Drew dropped us off at Taboo Nightclub.
We were VIP b**ches with our Sex and the City package
we were taken up stairs to our private booth near the dance floor
and brought 2 martinis each!

{booth at the club}

We danced the night away, I did some dares. One of my fab ladies and I bought a bottle of wine each to share with everyone.

Then Drew picked us up in a different limo, we drove all around downtown again, yelling obscentities as we hung out the window, cranking up the tunes. We had the best limo driver ever! We was great and even brought us to MacDonalds.

Then it was back to the hotel to sleep.

We went to breakfast in the morning and then headed back to reality.

It was an unforgettable weekend with the most amazing friends!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


C - the letter C
it's the 3rd letter of the alphabet
it's between B and D
it can be a big C of a little c
this letter is also the beginning letter of the scariest word

that word is cancer
with a big C or a little c
it's still a big word

You hear it often enough
someone who knows someone has cancer, beat cancer or died of cancer
or maybe a distance relative
Never anyone close to you
well at least not to me.

The word cancer can paralyze you
make you re-think so many things.
Realize that it doesn't matter if the house is in perfect order
or that you spent too much money at the store.

When you hear this word,
you are terrified and nervous;
you can't help but think about life without the ones you love
and are literally paralyzed at that thought.
Your heart hurts and the tears can't stop.
You sob and cry.
there is no comfort.

Tonight I found out my grandfather has cancer.
I never heard that word the way I heard it tonight.
He can't have surgery to remove the tumor,
so he will do chemo and radiation.
It makes me scared and nervous.
I cried and sob and cried more.

But I know that I need to be strong,
for him and my mom.
We all have to be strong and pray and hope for the best.
We are a strong family and can support one another.

I hope that my grandfather will beat it and be around for a long time to come.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 Pics - Part 2

11. a person you can tell everything to:


k. - she's not as crazy as she looks here

12. a picture of your everyday life

I wait each morning and the night before for this to ring so that...

I can do this!
Supply teaching means waiting for the phone to ring and never knowing what school you will be working at each morning - I live for that ringing!
13. a picture from a place you love:

14. a picture that reminds you of great times:
the lead singer of Shameless plus fabulous birthday parties!

all those times in my Vanier dorm room
15. a class photo:
Bachelor of Education class
16. a picture from the best day of your life:
since the wedding day hasn't happened yet
seeing these beauties -* this is an actual picture taken underwater,
they were that colorful and that close
snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns Australia!
Best Day!

17. a picture that always makes you laugh:
best friends + roadtrips x lots of laughs = GREAT TIMES!

18. a picture of your spare time:
at the dog park

19. a photo from a great night:
Ladies night with free champagne served by topless men

20. a picture of the people who are closest to you:
my crazy family

Monday, March 7, 2011

30 Pics - Part 1

I am taking part in the 30 photo challenge that is found at sometimes sweet
and I am following the way my friend m. is doing it
and dividing it up into 3 parts of 10 pics.
You will notice that my pictures are backwards going from 10-1
this is because of how I uploaded them.
10. a picture of your favourite place

this is at the beach in Cuba as seen in the background but its more of a feeling that I love Cuba so much because of all the fun we had there and I love the beach
9. a picture of someone who knows you then and now
I could have also easily selected a picture of my sorority sisters because they have known me since 2nd year University of my undergrad but these ladies k. and v. know me entirely. k. since middle school so its been over 12 years and v. since 2nd year university and we were instantly friends.
8. a picture of a person you miss

there are a lot of people that I miss because of distances seperating us and life being busy but I miss t. because I rarely know whats going on with her anymore
7. a picture you never posted on your blog before
this pic makes me so happy my fiance and one of my best friends k.
I love how well my fiance gets along with my friends
6. a picture of your sibling(s)
my sisters at Christmas
5. an old picture of you
2nd year University, still with braces on
4. a pictures of something that makes you happy
my baby girl Dakota, we have had her for 6 1/2 wonderful years

a glimspe into out future
r. holding his little cousin
3. a random picture of you and your significant other
Halloween '10 - This is what love looks like haha~!

2. a picture of you

one of many trips to the dog park this winter

1. someone you spend a lot of time with
b. and I at my Engagement Party
she is one of my oldest and closest friends and one of my bridesmaids

Here are her 2 adorable girls (she also has a little boy)
I spend a lot of time with them as well and am very involved in their lives
Fall '10 when r. and I brought them to the Apple Orchard for the day