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Friday, November 26, 2010


Be thankful for everything you have...
It could be gone in a second
Today I saw first hand the hardships off lay-offs
An intelligent, nerdy type science guy who had been
an engineer for the same companie for years got laid off,
his EI is now finished, his wife is a little nuts since it all
they were coming to the food bank
because in one letter his life changed.
Be Thankful for what you have
the simple things like food.
A woman left a bad situation to end up getting kicked out of her new place
she has 2 young children and is homeless
People get knocked down and sometimes need a little help to get back up.
Thankfully she got accomodations until she can move into an apartment on the 1st.
Be Thankful for what you have
the simple things like shelter.
Be thankful and give what you can to aid others in need.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

this week

I am on vacation this week...
well its a transition time between my old job and starting my new one!
I just graduated with my BEd on November 6th, however I can't supply teach until I have an orientation day which has been post-pone till the new year - and its looking like March
(long frustrating story about this)
I didn't let that get in the way of finding a job as an educator :)
I am taking a paid internship for 4 months, beginning on the 22nd
as the Environmental Youth Program Coordinator
what does that mean?
It means I will be planning and creating lessons and activities to deliver to children and youth all with a focus on the environment.
I am very excited!

So with a week off what am I do to....
well we moved this weekend and everything is in boxes so first off...
1) set up the house and make it a home
2) decorate for Christmas
3) get 2 personal training sessions in
4) finish the Save the Dates
5) decide on reception decorations and flowers
6) head to PEI for a banquet on the weekend

Friday, November 12, 2010


Leelou Blogs
Check out Leelou's Blog for great giveaways and awesome free lay-outs, which I personally always use. They are great! My new layout seems to fit perfectly right now with Christmas approaching and me being a Christmas Queen and my own theme this year is Winter Wonderland.


I know a secret but its' not mine to share.
So I have to remain silent about it and its soo hard
because I wanna scream it from the rooftops.

But this secret I will keep.

It actually made me closer to the person in a share anxious excitement way.

Until it is time to know.....

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Changes are coming.....
6 months from now its my wedding!!!
r. and I will be celebrating our love
We will be Married!
This weekend we are moving,
to our own place
just the two of us.
Tomorrow I have a job interview.
I really want this position.
I am very qualified for the position
and praying its mine.