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Sunday, April 1, 2012

I went away to visit my good friend in PEI and her little baby girl who is 6 months now. I was soo nice to catch up, enjoy each others company with plenty of girl bonding time. We went shopping, watch episodes of shows we both enjoy, played with baby lots and hung out with a few other friends, one on Skype(he's away). It was great!

I read this funny diary type entry of a mother of 3 young kids and since I was on baby duty, watching little Chlo bear while her mama went out with the bf for the night, I thought I would do a similar one to my night taking a stab at motherhood.

7:00pm feed baby cereal
7:30pm put baby in bath
7:47pm change baby
put pj's on baby
put pj's on myself
feed baby
burb baby
8:20pm put baby to bed
8:30pm worry baby is not breathing, check baby she is fine and sound asleep
start watching a movie
9:23pm check on baby again
10:20pm check on baby
go to bed
11:10pm still awake worrying I might not hear the baby, check that monitor is on and working
12:13am still not asleep, look at monitor light
check baby
12:40am baby wakes up
change baby
feed baby
burb baby
1:16am put baby back to bed
go back to bed, hoping she will sleep till morning
7:50am hear baby making coo-ing noises, jump up and get baby wondering on long she has been awake
change baby
thinking I need coffee and have to pee
feed baby
burp baby
play and talk with baby
8:34am pee
get dressed
play with baby
9:20am try consoling/playing with cranky baby
9:56am put baby to bed
10:10am her mom gets home and I'm off "duty"
10:20ish make coffee and relax ahh

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  1. Haha this is cute. She didn't take that nap until about 1pm. I was tiiiired.
    You did great with her. She loves auntie Ash. And it takes a couple of nights or even weeks before you can relax and not worry about the monitor not working and stuff like that haha.